Thursday, June 16, 2016

Schumacher U4947 2.5mm Top Decks for CAT K2

2.5mm Carbon Fiber Tuning Decks for the Rear of the CAT K2

  • The top decks are more flexible and reduces the overall chassis stiffness. This achieves better traction for the rear of the car and better high speed bump handling.
  • The 2.5mm carbon fiber top deck for the CAT K2 is thinner than the standard Kit top deck.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Schumacher U4867 Adjustable LiPo Mounting Set for Mi6

Adjustable LiPo Mounting Set - Mi6

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  • Fully adjustable battery retainer which allows the battery position to be moved forwards, backwards, left and right. This can be set to completely eliminate any battery play on the chassis.
  • Offering the ability to achieve a perfectly balanced car (left/right) with all battery weights, in addition to the possibility of adjusting the weight distribution of your Mi6.
  • The battery tape runs underneath the chassis, making it more user-friendly when checking for chassis tweak.

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Friday, June 10, 2016

RC Shox Flo Control Pistons for 1:10 Schumacher and XRAY

RC Shox - Flo Control Pistons for 1:10 Schumacher and XRAY

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  • Flo Control offers a more progressive feel on both Compression and Rebound strokes giving that 'plush' feeling many drivers are after.
  • Design: progressive pack and quicker rebound. very responsive and stable reactions which result in quicker ET's along with more consistent lap times.
  • Materials: 100% billet Delrin
  • Machining: latest software using 4 axis controls
  • Closer PTW clearances which give less blow by
  • Designed to use oils in the 'normal' range (300-600 cst)

- for Big Bore Schumacher Shocks only ***

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Schumacher U4890 - Alloy Spring Seat - Off Road - pr

Schumacher U4890 - Alloy Spring Seat - Off Road - pr

Alloy Spring Seat - Off Road - pr

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This Alloy spring seat for Off Road vehicles fits both small and big bore shocks, has 1mm more up travel over the standard kit spring seat and has better spring retaining, preventing loss of spring position over large jumps and bumps.

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Friday, May 27, 2016

Schumacher U4944 - Pro Front Roll Bar Kit - CAT K2

Schumacher U4944 - Pro Front Roll Bar Kit - CAT K2

Pro Front Roll Bar Kit - CAT K2

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Tested by our high level drivers and used by Michal Orlowski, this new Roll Bar kit for the CAT K2 is a great additional tuning aid for the car.


  • More effective for high grip tracks.
  • Super fast roll bar changes.
  • Easy roll bar tweak adjustment.
  • Four levels of stiffness included.
  • Colored for easy identification.
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Monday, May 9, 2016

XRAY Racing 324100 XB2 Slipper Eliminator - Set

XRAY Racing 324100 XB2 Slipper Eliminator - Set

XRAY XB2 Slipper Eliminator is a direct replacement for the slipper clutch set. Designed and recommended for use with stock motors to reduce rotating mass, reduce weight, and improve power transfer from motor without any power loss. With the Slipper Eliminator, motor performance is transferred directly to the car, and there is also no need for clutch & slipper adjustment. Exchanging the spur gear is then extremely very quick & easy.

  • Reduces rotating mass
  • Improves power transfer
  • Eliminates power loss
  • Direct motor performance transfer
  • Eliminates need for clutch & slipper adjustment
  • Easy spur gear exchange
  • Recommended for stock motors

Set includes aluminum slipper shaft, aluminum spur gear hub, and 69T spur gear (an optional 72T spur gear is available).

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Friday, April 15, 2016

Vassmar makes the A-main with the New Schumacher Mi6 at ETS

This weekend the 3rd round of the ETS 2015/2016 series was held in Wels, Austria. The indoor track had high traction and the layout was mixed but overall quite fast and flowing. The new Mi6 worked really good right from the start for Magnus Vassmar and he was P7 after the first round of practice. After some setup changes in the wrong direction for the second practice,  he was P21 for the qualies.

With new changes again for Q1 he was again P7 in the round. The car was super easy to drive and had good pace over 5 minutes. For the remaining qualiers, he tested various setup changes as the base setup worked really well. He secured P10 for the A-main with P7/Q1 and P8/Q2 as counting rounds. Michal Orlowski had pace for the A-main as well but after some bad luck he found himself at P16 after the qualies. Elliot Harper had a difficult day of qualifying and was P21 at the end of the day.

For the A-Main, Magnus tested various setup changes and the car had good pace in all the finals to race with the mid field of the final. After some good starts from the back of the grid together with some tight battles he finished the race at P7.

Magnus set up can be found here.

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